The security cameras these days are equipped with high-end surveillance technology and therefore are well-equipped to protect your home and business from various types of threats and keeping you secure. The security cameras these days come in different styles and design configurations and every camera have a unique set of the quality suited for a particular need. Today we are going to discuss different types of security cameras which are being used by the homeowners and the business owners to secure their business.

Broadly the security cameras can be divided into two categories namely IP cameras and analog cameras IP stands for Internet protocol and they basically refer to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via the computer network. The IP cameras require an NVR to capture images and is widely used across home and commercial businesses. The analog cameras, on the other hand, captures analog video signals and transfer that signal over coax cable to the digital video recorder also called as DVR.

The first and most popular is the vendor resistant dome camera. Dome cameras are installed underneath a ceiling or a horizontal surface and come with different types of configurations as high as 8K resolution. The dome camera is one of the most commonly used indoor security camera and because of the shape of the camera, makes it difficult for the onlooker to figure out which way the camera is facing

next in line is the bullet camera which is long and bullet shape and is ideal for outdoor usage. The bullet camera strength lies specifically in applications which require long distance viewing.

Next comes the PTZ camera which stands for pan tilt and zoom. PTZ camera or for the ability to capture footage at multiple angles and perspectives while surveying a wide range of Territory PTZ machines cameras have the ability to pan, tilt and resume their lenses.

Further next we have the Turret camera. These are also called eyeball cameras and is the newer design introduced recently. This camera is similar to the dome camera but without the housing. This camera is also known as a mini dome or an eyeball camera and has a ball and socket type of design.

The fisheye camera is another type of security camera which allows you to record everything at 180° or 360° panoramic view. The fisheye camera can help you reduce the number of cameras required to cover the area of the surveillance. Although they are a little expensive than regular dome cameras, they are worth using if you are covering multiple areas with one camera.

Box camera is another type of security camera which is large and has internal components and lenses that can sometimes be replaced. They usually feature better optical performance and have longer service lifespan. Box cameras are not meant to be discreet and are usually an imposing symbol of security presence at an installation to be used as a deterrent.

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