Structured cabling plays a very important role in the successful and lasting Data cabling in any organisation big or small. The importance of a Structured Cabling infrastructure is similar to that of other
fundamental building utilities such as heating, water and electricity. As with other utilities, interruptions to service can have a serious impact. Because of this, and the additional fact that the useful life of a building may span several decades, it is essential that the design and construction of a new or refurbished building be done with due care and attention given to Structured Cabling. Poor quality of service due to lack of planning can threaten a department’s effectiveness.
Structured Cabling is a vital component in today’s information-based environment. The use of Structured Cabling, using high performance components, can offer long-term support for the delivery of the most demanding network solutions.
Professional Structured Cabling implementation can be a boon for any company offering high reliability, scalability and is easy to maintain and can support the applications and services of today and the future.