Hubbell Premise Wiring released the IMFP2 Series Wall Plate, to better support AV applications.

Hubbell is currently the only major manufacturer providing 2-gang labeled wall plates rated for low and line voltage applications.

Hubbell’s IMFP2 Wall Plate features include:

  • Unified look and color for power, communications, and AV
  • Simplified and improved administration labeling appearance for all services
  • Ability to work with any standard NEMA back box

Lately, there has been an increasing need for 2-gang wall plates with label fields to support new 2-gang AV extension devices. This IMFP2 series wall plate matches the style and labeling of Hubbell’s multi-service plates making it easy to create aesthetically pleasing connection solutions.

The wall plate is available in black, electric ivory, gray, office white, and white.

“Customers have been looking for a solution to properly label and administer in wall, decorator sized, AV extension products,” according to Nate Herring, Senior Product Manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring, “This plates provide installers a clean way to label both low and line voltage services.”

The wall plate works well with Hubbell or third part AV devices, USB charging outlets, and ever-changing Hubbell power devices.