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Choosing a Network Cable Installer in Mississauga

Pitfalls of Poorly Installed Cabling
It’s an unfortunately pervasive myth that any network which works at all, has been properly installed. In fact, shoddy data cabling can slow down the entire network, thereby canceling out many of the benefits of the last upgrade you spent so much money on.

Even worse, years down the line you might discover that your “future proof” network never was. Few users will notice if, say, Cat5e Cabling had been substituted for Cat6 Cabling until you attempt running higher data speeds over it.

Incompetent contractors can be found in any profession, though the low barriers to entry in the various parts of the IT industry seem to specifically attract them. The industry of network cabling Mississauga boasts many excellent companies along with a few who mushroom up from time to time, only to disappear within a few weeks. Making the right choice can save you a huge amount of money, both in getting the most out of your equipment and avoiding business stoppages.

What You Should Demand
A network schematic is non-negotiable. The next group of technicians should have no trouble in figuring out what every port on every switch is connected to. Every network will see changes and reconfigurations in future, and knowing where you’re starting from will make planning these much less painful.

Should your network run into problems in the future, some quantifiable response time should have been agreed on. For this and other reasons, selecting. a local network cabling mississauga company is a good idea.

Looking for the Best Cabling Partner
Reputation and experience are the king and queen where selecting any technical contractor is concerned. Paying a few per cent more to get in an established company with a long list of satisfied customers is undeniably worth it.

Ideally, the company you’re entering into a relationship with understands not only the mechanical aspects of pulling cables through conduit, but how network topologies and protocols work. If nothing else, this will allow them to communicate with other IT specialists in the same language.

Even if you’re not totally familiar with the technology (and perhaps a bit afraid of being steamrollered by an avalanche of acronyms), a good way to determine the knowledge of a prospective cabling installer is simply to ask what the difference between Cat5e Cabling and Cat6 Cabling is. The short answer is: Cat5e is sufficient to carry data traffic at rates up to 1Gbps, while Cat6 can handle 10Gbps. This is quite correct, and all most IT professionals really need to know.

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