Data cabling services for the entire Greater Toronto Area. We have completed hundreds of Data and phone Cabling installations offering high quality and cost-effective data cabling solutions.  With recent developments, more and more equipment is becoming IP based, e.g. VoIP telephony, security equipment, CCTV, A/V kit, etc. The high-quality data cabling has become very essential as a small glitch or quality compromise can jeopardize the whole network environment. We make sure we use only the best quality of Cabling equipment providing you seamless connectivity for years to come.

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We follow Proper Cabling Guidelines:

When installing voice, data, or video cabling, we follow general guidelines for all installation to make sure the network is sound and healthy.

We always work with correct design.

We always leave extra slack for any cable.This helps to avoid running new cables if there is slight change in termination location

Choose the best Cabling components: We make sure the cable is properly rated for the application (e.g., plenum or riser) and marked accordingly.

If Cat 6 cable is specified for a LAN, we use only Cat 6–rated plugs and jacks, patch panels, and patchcords to maintain Cat 6 performance.

Avoid interference. Copper Cables has a tendency to interfere with electromagnetic interference. We always try to keep data cables away from power cables, fluorescent lights, electric motors, and other sources of electromagnetic interference.

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