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Single-mode Fiber vs multi-mode Fiber

single mode vs multimode

Fiber Cable can be divided into 2 modes namely Single-mode and multi-mode. Multi-mode cable has a larger core diameter (50um or 62.5um) than single-mode fiber (9um core diameter). Single Mode Fiber has a relatively narrow diameter and more…

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Corning® TXF™ Optical Fiber

Corning, a leader in Fiber optic technology has issued a white paper on Corning® TXF™ Optical Fiber. This innovative Fiber product known as Corning® TXF™ Optical Fiber has been designed to deliver increased reach for terrestrial long-haul networks…

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What is a Transceiver


Optical fiber connections are constructed with a combination of a transceiver (sometimes called a GBIC – for GigaBit Interface Converter). The transceiver accepts digital signals from the Ethernet device (switch or adapter card) and converts them to optical…

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Fiber Cabling Products

Fiber Cabling

Welcome to Fiber Cabling, your trusted source for Fiber and Structured cabling products, latest updates on the communication technology and information.

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